Why Streetwear Is The Biggest Fashion Sector Right Now

Since 2015, the entire streetwear business developed to a point at which it actually surpassed other lines of products, even in catalogues that were usually released by high tailored, classy brands like Gucci, Armani and Louis Vuitton. On top of that, the streetwear business as a whole actually boosted the relevance of independent designers who were trying to impose themselves in the market. A bright example would be, in fact, Virgil Abloh, who (with no academic experience within the fashion world) managed to become the most wanted fashion designer in the world, while being Louis Vuitton’s men’s creative director.

What’s So Big About Streetwear?

Weirdly enough to say, but absolutely relevant to the topic, trap music was a considerable part in the rise of streetwear as a social and fashion phenomenon. Many artists, in fact, launched their lines of products, like ASAP Rocky’s Vlone, which is one of the biggest ones within the scene. This, combined to the fact that the biggest sensation within this world (Virgil Abloh) was Kanye West’s creative director actually confirms the fact that the whole fashion sector heavily develops from the rap/trap scene.

Which Products Are The Most Wanted Ones?

When it comes to streetwear, everything that is flashy could be considered “hype” (referring to the Hypebeast’s culture), ranging from shoes to t-shirts and jackets eventually. There is also a sensible part of the streetwear world which is contaminating the designer lingerie and womens designer underwear worlds, which have been listed in Hypebeast’s top 10 biggest focuses within the streetwear industry. Sneakers are definitely incredibly important in this sector.

Yeezys: The Starting Point

Streetwear as today’s fashion topic became what’s known today because of the Yeezy’s factor: since their first release, in fact, Kanye West’s brand imposed itself as the biggest re-sold fashion object in the history of mankind. The reselling factor, from that day, grew up and contaminated other streetwear brands like Supreme, Off-White and many more, becoming a serious business for people who started building sites and shops on the matter.

Who Is Guiding The Train?

Virgil Abloh is the king of streetwear: with no previous fashion experiences, after his long collaboration with Kanye West as his creative director, Abloh started his famous brand OFF-White, becoming a sensation in a couple of years. Today, he’s Louis Vuitton’s men’s creative director, a big step for his career, given the fact that Abloh is a complete newborn to the fashion scene.