The Heart of the Cards

Every year at the office, we usually have a Christmas party where everyone exchanges gifts and we have a lot of food and play music. It’s the only Christmas that I actually go to, because no one else likes to throw one because they don’t want to deal with cleaning up. I usually give out cards with my gifts, and this past year I got some from instead of from the store where I usually shop. These cards were a little bit different in that they had more quality to them rather than the typical low cost look that the store ones usually have.

As I gave out the cards and gifts to the people at the office, they opened their gifts and liked them, but spent more time looking at the cards. I thought it was a bit weird at first that they would put more focus on the cards, but the cards were just that good. I could probably give them nothing but cards and just skip the gifts next year and no one would care because they would be in love with how the cards looked.

My mother saw one of the cards that I gave to the people at the office and she wanted to send some out to my other relatives. I should have known that she would catch on the cards and start sending them out. I was kind of hoping to use them as an ace in the hole since my relatives didn’t know about the cards, but my mom beat me to the punch. On top of that, she usually gives more expensive gifts than I do, so there’s no way that I can compete with what she’s sending out. Maybe I’ll send some fancy bottles of wine and wedges of cheese with my cards.