How Men Should Style Jewellery In 2022

Men’s jewellery has become a common trend for men in recent years. For the past 10 or 15 years, men have been confident wearing jewellery with their outfits. Despite this trend being around for several years, this trend is continuing to grow, with more men wearing it by the day.

With the rise of men’s jewellery, you likely are unsure where to start. There are so many pieces out there that you can wear. If you are new to wearing jewellery, you probably want to be more subtle to start.

In this guide, we will teach the different jewellery that a man can wear in 2022 including, how to style this trend.


Pendants have very much been on trend in recent years. Furthermore, it is a piece that men wear because it is symbolic although some men just wear pendants. After all, they look good. Those men are not wrong either. Pendants do look great with casual outfits.

Pendants fall into the fashion jewellery category usually, meaning that the metals won’t be as valuable as a chain, depending on where you buy them. Furthermore, pendants are timeless pieces that men have worn for many years however, it seems to be more common than ever to wear them with your outfit.

If you wear a casual outfit, add a pendant as a statement piece. It could be the highlight of your overall outfit so wear it over the top of your tracksuit if you wish to make it a statement piece.


Chains are on the rise. When people think of a chain, they automatically assume a 90s rapper’s necklace however, thinner chains seem to be the more common choice.

Chains can be fine or fashion jewellery, depending on how much you want to spend. Again, these chains are something that men will wear with their casual outfits. To style it, you have the choice of wearing it over or under your clothes. Again, depending on whether you want people to see it.


Another piece that is very on-trend at the moment with men’s fashion. Rings are a great piece that can complement your outfit. Plus there are many styles of ring. Rings are often worn casually with a cheap men’s hoodie but they can be worn with a more formal outfit if you wish.

Going back to the styles of a ring, there are many to choose from. The most common piece in the last few years are signet rings however, some me prefer to wear a more subtle piece such as a plain silver ring. Another trend is that men will wear layer their rings, wearing multiple on one hand with one ring as the main piece.


Men’s jewellery is very much a trend that we can all get on board with. Furthermore, there are so many options of how to wear jewellery as well as the type. If you wish to take your style to another level we suggest you start wearing jewellery.