Difference Between Fashion and Fine Jewellery

The difference between fine and fashion jewellery is easy to understand. To put it simply, it comes down to the materials used for the piece.

As soon as you understand how to work out the metal of jewellery, you will be able to tell the difference between fashion and fine jewellery.

Here, we will take you through the definitions of fashion and fine jewellery, as well as understanding.

What Is Fashion Jewellery?

Fashion jewellery is commonly known as costume jewellery. The materials used for fashion jewellery will be brass, copper and aluminium. These metals are much weaker than metals for fine jewellery, meaning they tarnish and damage easily.

Sometimes, fashion jewellery will be made out of textiles or leather. It can also consist of the metals mentioned above but with a thin layer of gold or silver. Furthermore, they will often consist of fake gemstones that mimic real gems.

Many jewellers will insist there is a third category called semi-jewellery. It will be gold-plated, gold-filled or gold vermeil jewellery. Additionally, semi-fine jewellery can include real gemstones with these pieces that are more affordable than gems worn with fine jewellery.

The gemstones that semi-fine jewellery would usually include morganite and opals. These are much cheaper than emeralds, sapphires and diamonds but they look great.

Despite the differences between semi-fine jewellery and fashion jewellery, they are still considered in the same category. Moreover, some jewellery makers will categorise them into three categories, fine jewellery, semi-fine jewellery and fashion jewellery.

With the materials being weak and susceptible to bending and damaging, they do not have the longevity of fine jewellery. That is one of the reasons why fashion jewellery is cheaper than fine jewellery as well.

With fashion jewellery being much cheaper than fine jewellery. It is often worn with men’s designer t-shirts and other casual garments.

What Is Fine Jewellery?

Fine jewellery is of better quality and more expensive. The materials that are usually used for fine jewellery consist of gold, silver and platinum. Due to them being made out of materials that are far more durable, they will last longer than fashion jewellery. Furthermore, it won’t tarnish like fashion jewellery either.

Fine jewellery can come with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Furthermore, fine jewellery will be used for engagement rings as well.

Due to the materials that fine jewellery uses, it can be repaired if it does get damaged. This is something that cannot be done with fashion jewellery. Remember, some materials are more durable than others. Additionally, if you work in a manual labour job, we would advise you wear platinum as this is more durable compared to silver and gold.

Fine jewellery can complement the rest of your outfit. If you are wearing luxury streetwear, layering multiple rings with your outfit can look great. Furthermore, we also recommend you wear a necklace with your outfit as well to go all out.


As mentioned before, it is easy to notice the difference between fashion and fine jewellery. Moreover, as soon as you can tell the difference between metals, that will also help with understanding the difference. The easier way to notice is by the price tag although you can still get expensive fashion jewellery.