Create Stunning Statement Rooms On A Budget

We all take pride in our homes. We want our rooms to look modern, welcoming and fresh. But how can you recreate a space and make a statement when you’re working on a budget? Well, we look at how to make a statement in the living room, bedroom and bathroom without breaking the bank.

The Living Room

The living room is probably one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, so it’s important to make the space your own. Surprisingly, when it comes to making a statement with the living room, it’s perhaps the easiest room to work with. This is because it’s usually one of the largest rooms in the house, leaving room for bolder choices. You could simply choose a statement wallpaper and use it on only one part of the room, such as the fireplace. This will bring character to the room, without pushing too hard on your purse strings. Another option is to have a feature wall that simply makes use of a great colour scheme: choose a bolder paint colour for one wall in the living room and bring the room to life a little. You can also make use of your storage units and furniture. For example, you don’t need a brand-new sofa with stylish throws in order to make a statement. In fact, often a more subtle piece can really stand out and give a room some personality. Perhaps an armchair that doesn’t quite match the rest of the furniture but compliments the room perfectly, or a bold-coloured rug to really set the room off.  The key with budget statements is to choose only one or two changes to bring your room to life, rather than a complete redecoration.

The Bedroom

Two great ways to make a statement with the interior of your bedroom are, 1. to consider your bedframe and, 2. choose your accessories wisely. With the bedframe, it’s likely that you’ll be making an investment, so your budget should call for longevity. Choosing a statement bedframe can really lift the room without having to change very much about the room itself in the process. Four-posters may be on the more extreme side of the scale and will only work in rooms with that extra little bit of space, while sleigh-style beds and frames that offer a stylish footboard and headboard can really work in smaller rooms that need some love. You can also paint the bed frame, depending on how you want to style your statement piece. However, if you’re on a smaller budget and you’d rather not change your bedframe just yet, think accessories, particularly mirrors. Bringing in a mirror as a statement piece is quite simple and brings light and space-illusion to the room too. Even simple mirrors can make a statement, but you can get mirrors in all shapes, designs and sizes, as well as those also offering a lighting solution, with in-built LEDs.

The Bathroom

When it comes to a bathroom on a budget, you’re probably not looking for a brand-new tile design or cast-iron bath. However, we can take some elements of other rooms in the house and use them to make a statement in the bathroom. For example, just like with your bedroom, you can use accessories such as mirrors to make a statement in the bathroom. You can also utilise bathroom plants to add some character to an understated design. Lighting can also make a difference. Many people are choosing spotlighting and up-lights in their bathroom to help bring a modern, stylish look to the room as a whole. But we have a bit of a quirky idea for your bathroom, if you have the space… How about a small, corner-style or study-style armchair? We know, it sounds a little odd – but when you think of some of the plusher looking bathrooms you might encounter in hotels, an armchair doesn’t seem so out of place, and it certainly makes a statement.