Camping Essentials That Every Beginner Needs For Their Trip

If you are new to camping, you are likely wondering what to bring on your trip. Not only do you need the right clothes with you but need to have the correct equipment as well. If you don’t have the right equipment for your camping trip, it could cut it short.

If you are unsure of what the essentials are for camping then don’t worry. We have a list of all the important items you will need to keep you safe for your camping trip. Let’s get right to it.

A Tent

A tent should be the first thing on your mind for your camping trip. Make sure you get one that is waterproof and fits plenty of people. However, a golden rule we have with each tent is to aim for an extra person. For example, if you have two people, including yourself, buy a three-man tent.

Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is another essential item for your camping trip. This one requires research into what you need. There are different tog ratings for a sleeping bad so you must make sure you pick the right one for the weather. Don’t be cheap with your pick either, the more you spend, the more comfortable it will be.

Sleeping Mattress

We can guarantee that the floor you are sleeping on will not be comfy. Therefore, if you want comfort in your tent, you will need an air mattress for underneath your sleeping pad. All you need to bring is an air pump to speed up the process of blowing it up.

Appropriate Backpack

You can guarantee you will need a large backpack to store your essential items. Furthermore, it needs to be waterproof in case it starts to rain. The last thing you want is for your clothing items and food to get wet in your backpack.

Headlamps Or Torch

A headlamp or a torch is also essential for your camping trip. You will need this when it gets dark at night to put your tent up. If you are looking to reach a mountain peak before sunlight, you will need a torch so you can see it on your way up the mountain.

First Aid Kit

Although it is highly unlikely you will get injured on your camping trip, a first aid kit is still essential for your trip. You never know what could happen and where you are camping could be highly secluded. Therefore, it could take a couple of hours or even days for medical aid to attend to you in case of injury. You never know what could happen as you are hiking and camping in the hills so make sure to have a first aid kit.

Appropriate Clothing

Suitable clothing that is waterproof and will keep you warm is essential for your camping trip. Even things like a waterproof watch band so it doesn’t damage the metal or corrode when it gets wet.

A simple RAF watch strap should be perfect for this because not only is it waterproof but also durable, and suitable for any weather conditions you come across.