4 Most Common Body Shapes And How To Compliment Them

It can be hard to decide what clothes will complement your body shape. There are 4 main body shape categories and you might fit into one perfectly or you may even be a mixture of two or three. Thankfully we are starting to see more inclusion and diversity when it comes to models and their body types, but still, a lot of brands opt for using one size of model. This guide should hopefully shed some light on firstly what body shape you might be, and how you can amplify your look to compliment your shape with the clothes you wear.


The rectangle shape is commonly associated with women who have more of an athletic build. These women have a body width that is pretty linear with their hips, bust, and shoulders. Your waist might not be particularly defined either. The easiest way for you to confirm this is to get a measurer and see if there is much difference between the measurements of your hips, waist, and shoulders. The key to dressing for this body shape is to create more of a midsection if you are aiming for a curvier look that is. You might do this through the use of corset tops, and anything strapless that cinches your waist. Pairing this with some slim jeans, or even a pencil skirt will give a shapely effect.


An hourglass shape is pretty much what it sounds like, the bust and hips are linear whilst your waist is more cinched in and defined. You might also describe yourself as having thicker thighs, busts, and hips. Clothing that elongates the bottom can put your body on a pedestal, flared jeans or more relaxed jeans are perfect for this. Dressing in tighter-fit tops or even bodycon dresses if you aren’t afraid to will look great. If you are concerned about the extra fat, go for longer-sleeved tops that are still tighter fit, and jeans or dresses that are a darker shade will make anyone look slim.


A pear shape is often associated with body shapes that are heavier below the waist and with a smaller shoulder width up top. This body shape again is common, and the main tip for dressing in this style is to emphasize the top to even out the proportions below. Cowl neck tops are a great way to do this, or even v-neck tops are a great way to create more balance. Pairing with again something slimming below, perhaps fitted pants or jeans, you will be doing your shape justice.


Last and not least there is the apple shape. Apple shapes are also associated with the inverted triangle body shapes, typically broader shoulders than the tips whilst the midsection are filled out even to the width of the hips and bust. If you want to dress to give the illusion of a slimmer body, you might opt for a flowy blouse or even dress, and pair it with a skinny pair of leggings. A textured pattern on the top can sometimes give a slimming illusion, but steer clear of vertical stripes and they can broaden the look of your figure. Give an elongated look with a pair of heels or boots, and strut in style knowing you have dressed just right for your shape.