Top 7 Accessories to Gift a Woman

Gift choice is one of the most stressful decisions to make in social interactions. Your mind finds it hard to decide what should I give her, would she like this, or that? You also need to ask, is she going to collect this gift grinning, or she is going to be cold when she sees it and drop it off almost immediately?

To make it all easier for you, we have come up with a list of top 7 accessories that all women across age groups, cultures, and social classes would always love and cherish.


When it comes to women, a necklace is a good gift and it relates to their sense of pride and femininity. How many times do you notice that your coworker looks more elegant on days she wears a necklace than days she wasn’t wearing? Well, you can tell. There is no doubt that a necklace is one of the best gifts you could give to any woman in your circle.


Almost all women use purses. Purses are excellent secret keepers, and they form a significant part of the women fashion and style. The good thing with a purse or handbags is that you can get the right one for all kinds of ladies regardless of age, profession, complexion or any other peculiarity – there is always a purse or handbag that fits the needs of every woman.


Another accessory that could be admired by every woman as a gift is a wristwatch.

Someone might say; why the need for a wristwatch while we all check time from our phones? You should know that women regard watch not only as a time checking gadget, but also as a fashion accessory. Next time you are in the dilemma of choosing the perfect gift for a lady, buy that watch, she will like it.


Although we normally tag them as accessories, shoes are essential in clothing and fashion.

They could be given as a birthday, wedding, or graduation gift. Out there in the stores are several types like sandals, flats, high-heels, boots, etc. that you could gift the women in your life and they would definitely appreciate it.


Women are creatures of adornment and sparkle, the eye-catching luster of bracelets makes them more attractive. So, if you wish to see her happy, buy her a bracelet. This gift is a perfect choice for your spouse, female friends or colleagues, and family. In most cases, bracelets are gifts fitting for younger women mostly, although some older women appreciate them as well.


Anklets are the foot version of bracelets, and they are worn just above the ankle. It makes women look more alluring. Anklets are not worn by all females due to cultural and ethical preferences. Hence, one should not be in a haste to gift it to a woman unless you know she’s a fan of it. However, if you know she wears anklets, you should go ahead and buy one for her.

Waist Beads

This is another gift with the potential to lighten up the recipient’s heart. They are available in the fashion shops in different colors and styles. It is important to know that women are choosy in accepting a gift like waist beads, and it’s advisable to give this to ladies you are very close to, either your spouse, or close friends.

While it must be said that there are no universal standard that must be adhered to when buying gifts for women. Giving out the seven accessories listed above to a woman should likely melt her heart.