Top 5 Fashion Trends in Spain this Summer

Now that temperatures are rising and summer is approaching, the countdown begins to make the wardrobe change. An overview of the essential elements of the summer months and the fashion trends that will triumph during this period.

Summer is not over yet and there is still time to discover some of the trends that will make us look gorgeous and fashionable in the coming weeks of tanning. The women from claim that they can’t wait for summer to come to enjoy the new fashion trends in Spain.

Top 5 fashion trends in Spain this summer

In the summer trends, 2021 is clear for months. We know which are the most popular accessories of the season and we have a very clear way to combine the most popular colors, but we still have time to sign some novelties to get the best summer looks. Here are the main interesting trends this summer in Spain.

Depending on everyone’s preferences, you can change your outfits according to summer trends. You can also make your outfits, paying attention to size, perfect colors, and cuts.

1.   Tops with puffy sleeves

There is no more clothing needed than a crop top to combine with jeans (or a mini skirt, for the hottest days). Swollen sleeves gathered body and, above all, colors and summer prints.

2.   Shirts as a key garment of all aspects

Shirts bring us to the concept of any age that brings together several generations of women. A wonderful piece of clothing that returns this season to make our summer a unique experience.

3.   Boho chic look

If what we want is to join the boho-chic style, several clothing items should not be missing. The first thing is to have a white or patterned dress and, if it is long, so much the better. The same goes for bohemian skirts, which tend to belong and end with a kind of lace or fringe. But the accessories will be the ones that give the real note to the boho-chic style, such as handmade bags.

4.   Try lace

Lace is femininity and delicacy. It has always been one of the favorite fabrics of designers as well

  • Dior;
  • Fendi;
  • Valli.

This summer will be worn in skirts, dresses, shirts and will take the central place in more chic looks. Choose a versatile outfit by adding a brightly colored blouse or top to your wardrobe.

Depending on the accessories you wear, these garments will work best in a more classic or bold look.

5.   Minimal style

As I said, the opposite is fashionable this season. The renaissance of minimalism in the ’90s is a reality. From the simple lines proposed by Herm├ęs to the jacket suits of Jacquemus, Fendi, or Jason Wu, minimalism has come to remain and bring versatility and practicality in our lives, without forgetting a point, no doubt, bold.

We encourage you to highlight your more sophisticated side and therefore we suggest you reinvent your minimal part with simple clothes with a trend note. A striking faux leather skirt or oversized blazer will turn your wardrobe upside down.