Weddings are all the finest and the most eminent festivals to every cultured person. The wedding ceremony, signifying the beginning of the new chapter of life, befalls in various parts across the globe. Nonetheless, based on religion and culture, the traditions, together with customs, diverge considerably. Every country has its singularities which they include in their important days.

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Here are a few options you can hit to dress on your special day.

Bunad for groom and groomsmen

The Norwegian bunad is a popular, artisanal wool-lined outfit that is formed of silk shorts or short pants, a topcoat, a vest, and tights. It is frequently embraced with complex and eccentric patterns. Bunad is popularly put on by the bridegroom and groomsmen on the day of the wedding. It is also normal to notice guests in a wedding wearing fabulous bunads and in different major festivals. Admittedly, nowadays the partners not only carry bunad but the groom can wear a tuxedo in black.

Bunad for bride and bridesmaids

The bride may also dress in a variety of the bunad for her marriage. However, rather than the bunad, the girl usually carries a white or silver wedding gown named brudekjole with the traditional Norwegian bridal wreath. Besides the bridesmaids can dress alike the bride, slightly to ease guard the bride to baffle any wicked spirits who may desire to overthrow the beautiful day of the wedding. Commonly, bunads are charming attires created of wool and fringing embellishment, clips, stoles, sashes, and mythical, artisanal soljie jewelry.

Traditional Bridal Crown

The bride wears a Norwegian wedding crown with her beautiful gown, moderately a cherished family heritage. The bridal crowns in the Norwegian tradition are created of silver and are joined to long-drawn veils. This bridal crown is intended to describe the purity of a lady at her marriage. Sometimes the crown contains spoon-fashioned ornaments that hang around the wreath. When the bride walks or spins her head, the ornaments create a sound. In accordance with a Norwegian custom, this sound scares away malevolent visions. The bride and the groom dance together at the wedding reception, the melodic sound of spoons in the crown fends off the malignant spirits that attempt to ruin the bride’s joy.


Weddings are all about fancy clothing, charming jewelry pieces, high-heels, flowers everywhere. However, Norwegian traditional weddings are celebrated in different ways as compared to contemporary ones. Some wear traditional bunad with special accessories at their weddings while some wear modern attires.