The musts in your baby wardrobe

Earlier  we invested a lot of time and money in filling our wardrobes with the latest clothes. Staying in trend and not wearing outdated clothes is one of the added stress in our life. Now, we have to think equally for those little kids.  We can no longer just randomly go for shopping  and  buy clothes for them. Staying  informed about the latest trends in kids clothing isn’t easy.  So here we have broken it down for you so that shopping for kids is no longer tumultuous.

1.  ONESIES: The most ideal piece of clothing for your new born babies till they become 2 years old is onesies.It’s  a one piece which covers the baby from neck to toe.  It’s  extremely  comfortable, keeps the baby warm  and happy.  It comes in various  shades and prints. Sometimes it also comes  with a hood so that it can protect those tender baby ears. If you don’t  know  the sex of your baby and want to do some pregnancy  shopping, you can always buy those unisex onesies. Since the babies  are covered completely, it decreases  their chances of getting hurt. Onesies is an ideal buy when it comes  to kids  clothing.

2. BEANIES: Beanies or baby hats are a must when it comes to kids  clothing.  You might have often seen a baby giggling and looking adorable in those woollen hats. Well, it not just makes them look cute but protects  them too. Babies are tender and need maximum  protection  and since baby heads are larger, it tends  to dissipate body heat through  their head faster. So it’s  always adviced to make babies wear beanies,  when they’re  stepping our or it’s  cold outside. It not only keeps them warm but protects  their head  from injuries too.  There is a variety of beanies to choose from like pom pom beanies, earflap beanies,  slouch beanies etc.

3. Booties: All those soft baby shoes are known as booties.  Babies take a significant period of time to start walking.  There is no point in making them feel uncomfortable in all those hard shoes. A pair of booties is perfect to keep those little feet warm and at ease. While purchasing the booties,  make sure it is stretchy and soft.  It should make space for the movements of the baby toes. So next time when you go for shopping, get a cute and comfy bootie for your  kid.

Although  looking fashionable  is important, it is more important  to make sure your  kid is comfortable. Buying kids clothing is actually not a childs play. Always give special  attention  while  choosing  the material and size. The baby should feel warm and cushy. Make sure his or her body is able to breathe. Wash their clothes frequently. A little bit of effort and your baby will always look happy and healthy.