The Appealing Benefits of Getting Bespoke British Furniture

When on the hunt for a new piece of furniture, there are numerous things to keep in mind. You need to factor in not just the look and feel, but also the quality of the piece. In addition, you need to make sure that it will match both your needs and style. Chances are you have considered all these aspects if you have done your homework and are probably on the fence between buying from a retailer that gets everything overseas, or from a UK manufacturer.

Well, we are huge advocates for purchasing bespoke British furniture as it comes with a wide array of benefits. In this read, we are going to delve further as to why you should consider bespoke British furniture, but before that, if you are already considering buying bespoke furniture then see ‘Sophie Sews

1. Design a Distinct Piece that Matches Your Style and Needs

Perhaps the biggest benefit of getting bespoke pieces, and the reason why many take this route, is the fact that it lends you the freedom to design a table, bookshelf, bed or sofa that will match your space perfectly. For example, you will be able to specify the dimensions you want, which is especially ideal if you are decorating a space that is particularly small, large or awkwardly shaped.

When purchasing bespoke furniture, you ideally have the freedom and flexibility to choose what materials it is made from. Maybe you are looking for a chair that is upholstered in a fabric that features the same print as your window treatments or wants a cabinet designed from a certain type and shape of wood. Of course, you will not always find precisely what you want, be it in a physical or online shop, but firms that specialise in creating pieces to order will be able to help you get the exact look you are after.

2. The Pieces are Hand-crafted with Great Attention to Detail

One of the biggest differences between hand-crafted and mass-produced pieces of furniture is that you can tell how little or how much attention has been given to getting everything in the right state. When pieces are mass-produced, everything is usually done in batches, usually by machines in order to get everything done as fast as possible. However, with a craftsperson, you can expect your piece to be made with a lot of care and consideration.

3. Support the British Economy

Another great thing about purchasing bespoke British furniture is that you get to shop guilt-free, knowing that you are supporting your country’s economy. In this pandemic era, every sale means a lot for small to medium businesses and so, by deciding to spend your hard-earned money on local or family-owned companies instead of mass-production firms that do it overseas, you can be confident that your investments will help keep your fellow citizens at work.

Also, note that this will have a knock-on effect. That’s because the employees of the firms you buy from will most likely spend their earnings on products and services from other small businesses in the country. The more this happens, the stronger the British economy gets.

4. More Eco-Friendly Compared to Purchasing Imported Products

Purchasing furniture pieces locally helps reduce your carbon footprint. That’s because the environmental impact of shipping the piece from abroad will be much higher compared to buying locally.

Climate change is increasingly becoming a pressing issue that everyone is obligated to play their part in reducing carbon emissions and preserving the environment. And one of the ways you can be a part of this is by purchasing locally produced furniture.