Styling a Women’s Leather Jacket

Women’s leather jackets have stayed in fashion decade after decade, and it’s easy to understand why. Wearing leather can make you feel like an edgier, bolder version of your normal self. It’s important to wear clothing you feel confident in, especially when you’re meeting someone new for the first time. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Having a classic statement piece like a leather jacket in your closet can help you to look and feel your best. Since these jackets have been enduringly popular, there are a wide range of colours and styles available. A classic black leather jacket can leave you looking sharp, but a women’s red leather jacket can help you to stand out.

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Once you have the right leather jacket in your wardrobe, you’ll find yourself wearing it all the time. They’re casual enough to be worn every day, but they can also be worn for special occasions. You can wear a leather jacket throughout the year, but they’re a particularly great piece for fall. When you put on your jacket, you can stay warm while still looking stylish. Jackets can be paired with dresses, trousers, skirts, or anything else you want to wear. You can even wear a leather jacket under a winter coat for some extra warmth on very chilly days.

If you’re planning on picking up a women’s leather jacket, and you want to take a closer look at the top leather jacket trends, you’ll find some amazing ideas below. With so many different styles to choose from, it’ll be easy for you to find a jacket that’s in line with your tastes.

The Oversized Leather Jacket

While you could borrow a leather jacket from your boyfriend or your brother, you may also want an oversized jacket that’s all your own. While oversized jackets have been in style for a while, it’s becoming more common to see them in leather. These jackets are practical and often have large pockets, but they can also look incredibly chic with the right outfit. It’s especially popular to pair a larger leather jacket with a minidress. You could even go extra-oversized and wear a long leather trench coat!

The Leather Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is one of the most popular leather jacket styles. Even though these jackets have been worn throughout history, they still have a youthful look. Usually, bomber jackets are made from a softer leather, which makes them all the more comfortable to wear. Plain bomber jackets are popular, but there are also a lot of leather bomber jackets that have elaborate designs. The right piece could take your entire wardrobe up a notch.

Leather Jackets In Bold Colours

In the past, people limited themselves to leather jackets in neutral colours, but now, these jackets are available in many more shades. Black, brown, blue, and red leather jackets are all options. There are also leather jackets in lighter shades, like peach. The peach leather jacket has been an especially popular option. If you love wearing colourful clothing, you’ll love having a bright peach jacket. Even though peach is traditionally a spring colour, you can wear a jacket in a shade like this in the fall and winter too.

Leather Jackets with Buttons

Sometimes referred to as a “shacket,” these buttoned leather jackets have caught on in a big way. They’re ideal for that casual model off-duty look. They look fantastic with trousers, but you can wear them with other outfits as well. Since these jackets tend to be on the lighter side, you can even wear them in warmer weather. Since they’re so versatile, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself reaching for your jacket all the time.

The Moto Jacket

The moto jacket is another very popular style. The name “moto” comes from motorcycle. Although these jackets were originally designed to be worn while riding a motorcycle, they’re perfect for everyday use. This is an edgier style that can help give a plain outfit a rock-and-roll vibe. This style was once worn primarily by men, but now, it’s a hit with women too.