5 Simple Styles That Should Prove to You that Less is Really More

You must have heard the statement “less is more” at some point. This phrase is used to express the idea that a minimalist lifestyle is better than living on a large scale.

Apparels and accessories are no exemption from this fact. A minimalist approach to fashion style is not just about spending less, but also to keep your wardrobe timeless through the years. You should check about Roamans for simple outfits to select for your wardrobe. Review platforms like fashion shop reviews provide a collection of the best web shops for accessories you can check out.

Street style mavens and runways are the usual sources of inspiration for simple and elegant styles. Here are 5 of these styles that should prove to you that less is more.

  1. Monochrome Outfits: Possibly, the most prototypical way to achieve a basic look is to rock a monochrome outfit. You may decide to go with the neutrals (black, white, brown and grey) or go for a more colorful monochrome ‘fit. This is one of the easiest ways to elevate your style game, and you won’t even need to worry much about colour matching.
  2. Dainty Jewelry: Dainty jewelry is a timeless must-have. They are perfect for everyday wear and are suitable for just about any occasion. You could go for some silver stackable rings, simple gold hoops or a dainty choker necklace.
  3. Vintage Fashion Style: Vintages are one of the most adorable fashion styles. The look is the zenith of fashion from as early as the 20’s to the 70’s, the only trend that stood the test of time. The clothing ranges from plain chiffon to ripped denim jeans to bold patterns. To accessorize your retro style dress, a belt is enough. Celebrities in vintage styles have proven that you can wear a classic simple outfit and still look chic.
  4. Flawless White Shirt: Be it a white button down or a plain tee, if you want to follow the trend of “simple and elegant’, your wardrobe should have at least 2 white shirts. It’s no doubt, the white shirt goes with anything, regardless of colour or material. You can decide to go with a neutral look with an all-white outfit or play with a few colours for a fashionable pop. If there’s one outfit that even the most renowned stars can’t get enough of, it definitely is the crisp white shirt.
  5. Classic Jackets: This can be anything from simple denim, a trench coat or a black leather jacket—whatever floats your boat. This simple piece of clothing can be one of the most versatile complementary wears in your wardrobe. It works year after year and never goes out of style; a prerequisite of the basic wardrobe. It’s suitable for everyday outdoor use. You should always have one in hand, in case there is a drop in temperature. Jackets are also perfect for the spring, especially the warm-coloured ones. A classic silhouette is the bomber jacket.

The circle of fashion is filled with various styles and trends to choose from. You don’t have to dress extravagantly to be stylish. These are simple styles that we accept with all our hearts, and they should make you look stylish and great at all times regardless.