How to Choose the Right Swiss Watch for a Groom?

Whether you want to offer a gift to a close friend or relative who will soon get married, or you just want to purchase the perfect jewel for your wedding, a Swiss watch remains a strong value. Most of the time, it will be the main accessory of the groom so, it is highly important to get it right. In this article, we are going to show how you pick the perfect Swiss made watch for this very special occasion.

The Swiss Watch Style

As far as the style of the prestigious watch that the groom will wear for his big day is concerned, the choice is quite wide. However, it is better to choose a Swiss watch with a classic design. The aim is to find something extremely elegant and of the best quality. Modern or more traditional, there is a large choice of classic Swiss made watches. A beautiful and chic tuxedo can go with a chronograph. According to your taste, you can choose a simpler or a more sophisticated timepiece. The most important thing is that it must be classy. To be sure to shop an affordable luxury Swiss watch, you can go to Louis Chevrolet website and compare some of the models proposed.

The Size of the Swiss Watch Case

Since the early 2000s, the size of watch cases has increased significantly. However, if you do not like any bling-bling touch for your wedding, it is much better to buy a timepiece with a case having a maximum diameter of 40mm. In general, the perfect watch size for a groom is comprised between 35mm and 40mm. Of course, you have to take the size of your wrist into account for a better result. The delicacy of the case is also a very important factor. Thus, its thickness should not exceed 10mm. Regarding the shape of the Swiss watch case, the most usual form is round. Never the less, you can opt for another design like a square or a rectangular case.

The Materials of the Swiss Watch Strap and the Case

For the wedding Swiss watch to be perfect, you must pay attention to the used materials. The classy touch should be present. And as far as the watch band is concerned, it is recommended to opt for leather without any sporty finish. Metal straps can also work. Regarding the case, the choice of the material is wider. For instance, you can go for steel, gold (white, pink or yellow) or platinum. In any case, the rule to be followed imperatively is avoiding materials that are too sporty like ceramic and titanium or too low-end such as plastic and silicone. Similarly for colors, forget about too flashy tones.