Differences between luxury and common clothes brands

When you want to buy clothes, there are 2 categories of brands you might have to choose from: Luxury brands and common clothes brands. Irrespective of the category of the brand you want to patronize, it is best to see a list of fashion brands’ online reviews in America on US-Reviews to see which brands are reliable. This is considering that there are reliable luxury clothing brands and unreliable luxury clothing brands. The same applies to the common clothes brands as well. Some of the differences between luxury and common clothes brands are discussed subsequently.

Luxury clothes brands are more expensive than common clothes brands

When you visit luxury clothing brands, the prices that you will find on the products of the luxury clothing brands are always significantly more expensive than what you will find on the common clothes brands. Some luxury clothes brands could sell a scarf to you at 500 USD. That amount could get you 10 sets of gowns and scarves on a common clothes brand. Hence, pricing is one of the major things that stand out when it comes to products that are sold on luxury brands and products that are sold in common clothes brands.

Funny enough, the scarf that you are getting along with a gown for 50 USD on the common clothes brands could be of the same color, look, material, and even quality as the scarf you are getting for 500 USD. The only difference might be the logo of the luxury brand boldly displayed on the 500 USD scarf to who you got it from a luxury brand that will be missing on the scarf you got from the common clothes brand.

Target customers

The target customers of the luxury brands are different from the target customers of the common clothing brand. The luxury clothing brands only target very rich customers. These customers mostly include government officials and their family, celebrities, very successful businessmen, and their family. Hence, their target customers are only those that they believe have that amount of money to splash out on their expensive clothing products.

On the other hand, the target customers for the common clothes brands are the general public. Hence, they put their pricing such that everyone including low-income earners will be able to afford their clothing. This implies that they have a wider market base since their target base is like over 85 percent of the world population who would not be able to afford the price of the luxury clothing brands even if they would have preferred to patronize the company.


Generally, it is expected that the quality of products by luxury clothing brands should be higher than the quality of clothing sold by common clothes brands. Since the same style of cloth that a common clothing brand will sell for 50 USD can be sold for 500 USD by a luxuryclothing brand, they have ten times the amount the common clothes brands have to play with. Hence, while the common clothing brand will have to limit the expense to create the product to a maximum of 45 USD to be sure of making a profit, the luxury clothing brand will have up to 450 USD expense and still make a profit of the total amount the common cloth brand is selling their product. However, even if they go as low as spending 10 percent the worth of their products on the production, they will still be able to spend more than the common clothing brand. Hence, luxury clothing brands are generally of higher quality than common clothes brands. This is, however, not always the case but it is mostly the case.