5 Best Nightclubs in Fort Collins Colorado

Best Nightclubs in Fort Collins Colorado

Outlaw Saloon

A best place for cowboy music. Extremely big venue. Lots of drunks. Be alert that since it is outside the city restrictions of Cheyenne, there is smoking permitted and pretty much every person is smoking. There is a nonsmoking area but no real separation between the areas.  Well, lit, greatest bar staff, sufficient room to space around and some of the top people watching this, Outlaw Saloon is must view for any person from Chicago making a road trip via this town.

Blue door

If you love cocktails, this is the location for you. They can make the classics and have lots more of their own on the menu. If you can encourage creativity and standard then give the Blue door a shot. The Old fashion campfire is amazing. Even tired a flight of the edible shots, also tasty. Service is friendly, drinks are delicious, and the environment is both upscale and easy. This place is amazing for having Denver strippers
perform as well as use the appetizers which are shareable for two and tapas style. Think of pizza on the breasts or tapas places all over the bottoms. The drinks and the appetizers are amazing.

Magic Rat

This is a wonderful lounge. The service is remarkable and the fun was fantastic. The decoration is pretty mid-century new and truly cool. The atmo is classy but not uptight. Best location to spend an evening. The area is somehow bright, yet intimate, moody and spacious.  They have truly done well with the decoration and layout, making it a truly inviting area no matter what you are looking for nestled in the hotel Elizabeth. It has a classy vibe if you live in Collins Colorado.

High Point

This is a standard Fort Collins bar, it is a remarkable old building with lots of character, but at heart, it is also friendly, relaxed and makes killer drinks. They have an incredible back patio with darts and the finest amount of seating, or you can just enjoy by the fireplace in some superbly relax couches. And, one of the bartenders there, is particularly remarkable.


Social stands above the rest. The drinks, food, and environment are fully spot on, and the prices are reasonable for this kind of establishment. This is not a location where you should go for a traditional style dinner. Instead, sit down and order a cocktail. Taste it and eat food. There is no factor to order three or four little plates at once. Order one, let it come, get near to finishing, and then order the next dish (or dish series, depending on your party’s size).