4 Ways To Get Consumer Feedback For Your Online Store

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One of the best ways to improve the quality of your products is through consumer feedback. Consumers will tell you what they like and don’t like about your products and they will also share how they use your products. These are things that you sometimes wouldn’t think of.

If you critically think about the opportunities, you will discover that consumers’ feedback can actually become great insights which are capable of placing the future of the business in a direction for strong development.

There are sites like Collected.Reviews that share opinions on telecom networks.

Here are a few ways to get consumer feedback as an online store owner:

1.      Social Media

Consumers always return to social media to talk to everyone about a product, whether they are happy about the services they received or whether they are pleased with the products. Marketing Land study revealed that 71% of the complaints dropped on social media are actually being posted on Facebook. There is a possibility that the name of your brand won’t be mentioned, so not using social media may cause you to lose the opportunity of collecting feedback.

2.      Survey Forms

You can go through the use of Google forms, JotForm or TypeForm. The days where customers fill in boring feedback forms are gone and now replaced with a plethora of services, which helps companies and organizations to collect consumer’s feedback while they provide them with a beautiful experience. How a company communicates with its customers is very important and so is the way they collect feedback. It presents you with an opportunity to show your consumers how you care about your communication with them and their insights. Google Forms is commonly used to collect consumer’s feedback online:

  • It has multiples questions with options to pick from
    • You can use your personal picture or a logo
    • The responses are automatically organized
    • Collaborators can be added
    • To keep your customers engaged, you can add your YouTube videos

JotForm is another great provider of survey forms:

  • This form of survey is specifically designed for industries such as healthcare, marketing, agencies, designers and others
    • Information’s that are collected are sent to your integral accounts and email
    • MailChimp, Dropbox, Google drive are all integrated with it.
    • You can also decide to include payment process and PayPal is a supported platform

TypeForm is an example of a provider of survey forms that comes with a twist:

  • There is an available interface that engages people
  • The website is easy to embed
  • Its spotlight is on conversational
  • Every stage of the customer’s journey has a templates
  • Your questions pop up with images, gifts and videos.

 3.      Chatbots

A flexible and efficient automation tool that is currently available is Chatbots. To achieve objectives and meet the company’s needs, Chatbot can be programmed to do all that using conversation. Chatbots can live right inside your company’s website, app or Messenger. The benefits of using Chatbots cannot be overemphasized, from increasing products sales to quality leads.

4.      Facebook Poll

Facebook is a social media platform which companies can also use to collect data from their audience. The use of polls has a lot of advantages for the companies such as attracting attention, brand awareness, building a stronger relationship with your customers, increase in engagement and organic reach.

Consumers’ feedback helps increase the value and sales of a brand, using these few tips come with positive results and shouldn’t be ignored.